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About Watersley Sports & Talentpark

Watersley Sports & Talentpark is a residential campus for both international and national top sports talents. You can stay at the park as part of a team or as an individual, and you will be living at a very convenient distance to all the (top)sports facilities this region offers. The Sportzone Limburg sports center and an exciting city environment are easily accessible, as are a wide range of educational institutes. This makes Watersley Sports & Talentpark the ideal residence while you develop all your talents.

Our vision

The ambition is for knowledge institutions, the business world, government bodies, and sportsmen and women to reach the top together. This gives rise to better sports performance – including a performance at an elite level – as well as optimum talent development and new knowledge.

Watersley Sports and Talentpark supports the development into a region for the top-level sport through the creation of a residential campus for this target group: a campus on which residence, education, work, and leisure are all connected with each other, allowing the emergence of a ‘lively’ top-level sports community.

Watersley History

The Watersley Sports & Talent Park grounds are part of a rural area located near the Sittard-Geleen urban zone. This area’s rich history dates back to the 16th century. The name ‘Watersley’ honors the park’s unique location, as it means ‘the place where water is collected’ and refers to the natural basin at the foot of the local Kollenberg hill. Having served as a castle, monastery, and care center, it is now a peaceful environment where young, ambitious sportspeople can develop their talents.


The country home Huis Watersley was built in 1752 as a hunting lodge for the noble Loyens-Delhougne family.


Watersley became a monastery for a German congregation of the Order of Friars Minor.


The Franciscans founded a German gymnasium at the end of the 19th century, which was the reason for a major renovation. Watersley was expanded (1897-1902) to three storeys with the addition of side wings and a large monastery chapel..


The country estate came into the hands of the Paulus Stichting, since 2003 merged and named Stichting Pergamijn, a foundation that assists people with intellectual disabilities. Huis Watersley has been a nationally listed building since 1967.


Watersley Sports & Talentpark was founded and leases several properties in the park.


To further develop the park, the province of Limburg has bought the land and issued Watersley Sports & Talentpark a leasehold construction.

Meet the team…

Joop Petit


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Marion van Buggenum

Social - Societal & Park Manager

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Lyan Goltstein

General Manager

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Marijke Thielen

Team leader Stay

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Huub Duijn

Team leader Grow

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Inge Meekels

Team leader Play & Marketing

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Christian Kos

Commercial Assistant

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Erik Willems


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Jeroen Niessen

Catering & Events

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Britt Jochems-Duijn

Team Manager & Coach R&D Cycling Team

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Ilona Willems


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Bas Heil

Multimedia Designer

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