Become a friend of Watersley Sports & Talentpark!

We have created Friend of Watersley for people who want to enjoy the beautiful Watersley Sports & Talent Park in a positive way, a 30 hectare private property with different types of houses, studios, a monastery, lots of greenery and a MTB track in a park-like environment. For an annual fee you can become a Friend of Watersley and walk and/or cycle or use the MTB track and the obstacle course on our site.

In this way we want to involve people who support Watersley and want to help us to make this the most beautiful sports campus the world has ever seen. Apart from permanent resident and other guests, only Watersley partners and Watersley Friends with a membership are welcome at the park.

Spending membership proceeds

100% of the proceeds from memberships will be invested in the development of the Watersley site

Becoming a member

The membership is open to individuals, associations, schools and companies who wish to make use or be involved in Watersley Sports & Talentpark for sports or busines purposes.

Choice of membership

A membership runs from January 1 to December 31. Interim registrations are possible from 1 August at a 50% discount.

Year membership


  • A Year membership costs €25,- per year or you can pay by doing voluntary work; you do voluntary work for at least 10 hours in a year, this can be done before or during our events.
  • With this membership you will be personally invited to all events at Watersley Sports & Talentpark.
Day membership (use of the terrain)


  • A day / weekend card costs €5,-
  • This membership is included if you are staying at Watersley.


  • As an association you pay €100,- per day for a maximum of 40 people. If there are more than 40 people in the association, the price will increase by €2,50 per person.


  • A school pays €50,- for a day. There is no maximum number of people.

All of the prices mentioned above are including VAT

As a Friend of Watersley you will receive an exclusive identification (a wristband, sticker and a digital membership card), so you can always ‘identify’ yourself as a Friend of Watersley. Memberships can be canceled annually. You will receive the invoice for the membership and invitations for events by email.

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