One of the many strengths of Watersley Sports & Talentpark is that the campus is created to support your sports career in any way possible. Surrounded by great universities and work opportunities it is a place where you can live your life to the fullest by any means. This means you can fully focus on developing yourself as an athlete, whilst still growing in many other aspects.

Where within men's cycling a lot of attention is paid to the development of riders within the age category of 17 to 22-year-olds. This trend still seemed to be behind within women cycling. To fill this gap, Watersley Sports & Talentpark decided to specifically focus on talents in this category.

Two years ago, the Watersley R&D Cycling Team project was successfully launched with the mission to play a more prominent role in the development of women's cycling on an international level. The main focus for the educational structure was determined on women in the age category of 17 to 22 years old.
Over these years the Watersley R&D Cycling Team generated a good name in the peloton which led to challenging race calendars and several UCI races where our riders got the chance to compete at the highest level in women cycling. Everything together resulted in a step to a continental or professional cycling team for six of our riders.

All the above formed the base layer for the next steps we are currently taking. We are aiming to expand our current educational structure with special regard for talent development within cycling in general. With several newly added facilities, a performance & development coach, and a Head of Cycling, there will be more attention for the individual athlete with testing, training, recovery, nutrition, coaching, and everything else needed when ensuring our athletes develop in the smartest and most suitable way possible.

But that is not all…
With our U19 and U23 women's team selections complete and ready to compete, we are proud to announce that we will be adding another team to our structure; the former ‘Streetjump Development Team’! With an experienced staff and several of the most promising national juniors in their team, we are looking forward to seeing the Watersley kit on the podium even more than last season.

Under the leadership of our experienced and driven head coaches and staff, the Watersley R&D Cycling Teams once again will be riding an international race program.
Our U23 women team will have a lot of new faces both national as well as international riders. Upcoming season the line-up will be more internationally represented than ever before with riders from Ireland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Denmark. While based on Watersley Sports & Talentpark, the team is part of a unique system, where living and training are combined within an inspiring sports environment. With additional training programs and other facilities, we believe we can make big steps in individual talent development as well as developing as a collective and an organization.

It is our belief that when you live and train together, you’ll develop as a team and grow stronger as an individual. STAY – GROW – PLAY