Racing in the Netherlands have been difficult, but better days are coming. In preparation of racing to return, some (training)races have been organized. One of those was a 22km individual time trial in Enkhuizen, as a preparation and selection for the Dutch Championship Time Trial. Manon de Boer, the current Dutch Champion Elite Woman without contract ITT (2019, because the 2020 edition have been cancelled) took the change to test herself. This battle against the clock resulted in a 4th place overall, first (Dutch) rider of a club team.  

The test was a success, and we are looking forward to the National Championships, which are on the 16th of June in Emmen. All what is left to do is prepare, rest and recon the course.  

Although the calendar isn’t as it normally would be around this time, there are some races going thru. The U19 team has been to France to do the Tour du Gévaudan Occitanie Femmes (2.Ncup). A tough race with a good number of altitude meters was the season’s first race for the team. With an international field of riders, it was a perfect opportunity to learn a lot and to get a bunch of experience in the tank. 

At the same time, the U23 team have competed in Belgium, GP Eco-Struct UCI 1.2. 6 riders at the finish after a chaotic finally. A crash in the last corner mixed up the final result, where Ingrit finished as 36th, Ilse 41th, Eline 45th, 95th place for Manon, Senna finished as 102th and Rose crossed the line at a 117th place.  

Last week two of our riders had the honor of wearing the orange jersey, while they were representing the National team at the Internationale LOTTO Thüringen Ladies Tour in Germany. This stage race of 6 days, turned out to be a tough race with a high level of riders. Therefore, the perfect opportunity to use as a preparation for races to come, learning new lessons. Both Eline as Ilse finished the race with good results and a lot of experience! 

Next on the schedule will be Dutch Championship time trial and the Lotto Belgium Tour the week after. The Lotto Belgium Tour, 22-25th of June, will be the first stage race of the season for the team. We will use this stage race to get ourself in the rhythm to prepare for a busy last half of the season. The months July, August and September will be packed with racing, because most races have been postponed and rescheduled.