Watersley Kids Challenge 2021

June 19, August 28, September 5 & 11

During the National Championship Mountainbike XCO 2019 and 2020 at Watersley Sports & Talentpark, the Watersley Kids Race was included in the program. This year, Stichting Watersley Topsports is hosting a Watersley Kids Challenge, a four-day competition with four challenging stages on the Watersley Kids-trail. On these four days kids are encouraged to be active, have fun, learn about the sport and get a chance to become a national champion in their age category!


The Watersley Kids Challenge is a four-day competition with four challenging stages. It’s not mandatory to participate in all 4 competition days. If you can only participate on one day, you can indicate this when registering down below.

11:00Registrations open
12:45Race category 1  (2015, 2016 & 2017)
13:00Race category 2  (2013 & 2014)
13:20Race category 3  (2011 & 2012)
13:40Race category 4  (2009 & 2010)
13:00Registrations open
15:00Race category 1
15:30Race category 2
16:00Race category 3
16:30Race category 4
14:00Registrations open
15:30Race category 1
15:45Race category 2
16:00Race category 3
16:20Race category 4
15:00Registrations open
15:45Race category 1
15:55Race category 2
16:10Race category 3
16:25Race category 4

All races take place in the same weekends as our professional mountainbike and road cycling events. So before and after their race, the kids can learn and enjoy professionals from all over the world.
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The Watersley Kids Challenge takes place at Watersley Sports & Talentpark. The info and registration point are at Watersley 31 6132 KA, Sittard.
At the park you will find the Watersley Kids-trail, where the races take place. This trail creates a save and fun environment for the kids.


Who can participate?

Children don’t need experience with mountainbiking to participate in the Watersley Kids Challenge, but they need to be able to ride a bike without training wheels.  

The youngest participants are born in 2017 and the oldest in 2009. Based on their birthyear children will be divided into the following 4 age categories.  

  • Category 1 - Children born in 2015, 2016 & 2017  
  • Category 2  - Children born in 2013 & 2014  
  • Category 3  - Children born in 2011 & 2012 
  • Category 4  - Children born in 2009 & 2010


Food and drinks

During the Watersley Kids Challenge there will be a food truck present outside Watersley 31, where you can buy something to drink and eat. 


Time to train?

Are your kids excited to take a look at the Watersley Kids-trail and give it a try? No problem, by ordering a daypass here you receive access to Watersley Sports & Talentpark and the Kids-trail 


Register now

Children aged 4 to 12 can participate in the competition and will be divided in the aforementioned 4 age categories.

    I bring my own mountainbike to the races:

    I bring my own helmet to the races:

    I participate in the following races:

    Borrowing a mountainbike and/or helmet costs €5, - a day, you can pay in cash at the registration point, Plaza Watersley, Watersley 31 Sittard.

    Contact us

    Stichting Watersley Topsports
    +31 46 4600133

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