On September 24, we announced that the international cooperation has been established together with handball club HV Vlug En Lenig and ASV Schwarz Rot Aachen. With the winter title for Watersley-V&L and a World Cup selection for Schwarz-Rot-Aachen player Simon Ignacio Aguilera Lintz, the Watersley Handball Academy has turned out to be a true success.

The Watersley Handball Academy is a collaboration between Watersley Sports & Talentpark, Watersley V&L, and Schwarz-Rot-Aachen. Together we create an infrastructure that facilitates talented handball players from all over the world in their development. This is done by offering an extensive training program and a club to compete at a level that suits them.

The goal of the Handball Academy
The Watersley Handball Academy will be a safe, and high-quality place for the most talented handball players from all over the world, where they can develop themselves as an athlete. This a logical step for overseas talents if they want to make a career in European handball.
Each year talented players can make the next step in their careers after they have been developing at the Watersley Handball Academy for some time. The goal is always to see people move on in their careers to a club in Europe that plays at a higher level.

Program Handball Academy:
  • Housing
  • Performance program: massage, nutrition advice, strength & conditioning training, physical analysis, and more
  • A club where they can play and compete: Watersley V&L or Schwarz-Rot-Aachen
  • Support in Visa
Winter title and WC selection
The approach of the Watersley Handball Academy has already paid off. Watersley-V&L recorded season victory thirteen at DWS last weekend: 31-39. With this victory, Watersley-V&L remains undefeated, and the team secured the winter title. Furthermore, handball player Simon Ignacio Aguilera Lintz, playing for ASV Schwarz Rot Aachen, has been selected for the first time for the Chilean National Selection and will participate in the World Handball Championship from January 11 to January 29, 2023, in Poland and Sweden.

What makes the academy unique?
Unique in the Netherlands; instead of competing with regional clubs for regional players, which is common in handball; Watersley widens the horizon and scouts for players all over the world. Ultimately this will lead to a higher level because you increase your scouting population.

The Overseas countries that the academy focuses on, like Australia, don’t have a proper handball infrastructure in which talents can train and compete at a proper level. There’s often the possibility to train properly, but there is a lack of competition. To all the talents from these countries, Watersley offers a more extensive training program in combination with the possibility to compete.