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Growth is the key to success. Our GROW program is designed in such a way that talent can develop in the best possible way. The program offers guidance, advice, and training in areas such as physical training, recovery, nutrition, and social development. All these GROW elements are offered both individually and in package form within our talent packages.

Watersley Park Gym Total Movement

Growth is part of empowerment. With the help of our specialists, we boost your sports career. 

Watersley Powers focuses on your development in the physical (strength) training. You will receive a complete annual plan in the field of strength & condition from our experts. From a baseline measurement (assessments) and the subsequent interim measurements, you will be coached on your performance in the physical training courses. 

Based on your choice in talent package, both your training and your annual plan will be tailored individually. 



Watersley Focusses offers you the opportunity to train your brain capacity in our cognitive training center. This will support you in your reaction and processing speed, mental toughness and focus. Depending on the talent package, you will receive high-level advice and guidance.

1. Athlete
General tests for top sport.

2. Sport
Specific tests for your sport.

3. Personal
Personal test profile.

Watersley Park EssenSe


As a top athlete, it is really important to regulate your energy as well as possible to get the most out of your training and to be able to excel at the most important moments.

Watersley Vitals supports you in the knowledge and guidance when it comes to your well-being. Learn more about nutrition and preparing nutrient-rich sports meals that contribute to your vitality. With the help of mindfulness assessments, yoga, and mental recovery also attention is paid to your inner vitality.

With the help of Eastern and spiritual movement theories, we develop new visions and skills in sport, and we build training programs for athletes and teams.

What’s in it for me?!
* Nutrition workshops
* Masterclasses
* Cooking workshops
* Mindfulness assessment
* Yoga
* Mental recovery

Watersley Park Race Cycling


Watersley has optimal connections with educational institutions to help you as a sports talent to find the balance between top sport and education. From secondary education to university institutions, Watersley offers you support in dual-career development. By optimizing this balance, you have the opportunity to enrich yourself as a person on both a sporting and social level. By developing in these two areas you enter a future with more certainty. Watersley guides and supports you in this entire process.

Watersley Park MTB R&D Race Milan Vader 2


How do you profile yourself and how do you present yourself as a top athlete and young professional? Watersley Media organizes various master classes in media training, personal profiling, and social media. You can also follow training courses in finding sponsors and making sponsorship deals. With the help of these tools, you learn to add value to yourself and your environment.

Our approach

A step-by-step plan has been developed to make an inventory of where you are as a talent when entering Watersley, to investigate what your goals and wishes are, and to determine which talent program suits you best; ‘Talent development from start to finish in 5 steps’. A unique approach that focusses on you as a talented athlete.

A talent check-in in which we assess your competencies, motivations, leadership styles, and management skills. This is the basis for the kickstart of your optimal development.

Personal access to your portal where you get direct insight into your talents and ultimate goal. This goal has been benchmarked by winners, and structurally assessed by national and international specialists.

If you know where you are now in your development and where you want to finish, a learning line will be developed for you; a personal development plan that connects you to our specialists.

Watersley Sports & Talentpark offers various interventions related to personal health, growth, and performance. This online and offline offer is composed in our talent development packages, (Talent, Pro, and Winner) and is offered and executed by our national and international specialists from our five domains: PowersFocussesVitalsAcademy, and Media.

Developing together with an Olympic champion, sparring with a world champion, or learning from top athletes from other disciplines?! All this is possible within our unique learning platform. Our so-called ‘buddy moment’ is a feedback tool where we link a talent to a pro, and a pro to a winner. This way knowledge, competences, and motivations are shared for more success!

Watersley Talent packages

The Watersley talent packages connect your talent with a team of national and international specialists to kickstart your professional top sports career here are three types of packages that you as an athlete can choose from Talent, Pro, and Winner.

Where an athlete starts as a talent, he is mainly prepared for his / her professional career, with the ultimate goal of becoming a winner. Within our talent development packages, every athlete receives advice and guidance from our five Watersley domains: Powers, Focusses, Vitals, Academy and Media.

From start to finish, we focus on your sport and career ambitions.


Every talent is provided with the basic needs for sports and receives general sports advice and guidance from our specialists according to nutrition, recovery, training, and social development.

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