Watersley resident Hante Hamel has signed for one season with first divisionist Volda. Hante, goalkeeper of V&L, will leave the Dutch premier league handball before the end of the season.

Since the summer of 2019, Hante is living, training, and studying at Watersley Sports & Talentpark. She has developed enormously since then and that is why she can now take the next step in her sports career. Watersley was her home base where she could focus on her growth in both handball and college. Hante: “I lived at Watersley for almost two years and really enjoyed the beautiful sports environment. Although I do not come from the neighborhood, I quickly felt at home among all the other athletes who motivate each other. It is nice to live with teammates close to the training accommodation and in an environment with lots of nature. Watersley has been a very good place for me to focus on handball and also to complete my education.”

Hante will be chasing her dream and quickly join the selection of Volda in Norway. In the spring, Volda will play for promotion to the highest level after fourth place in the competition.