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Meet the team; Q&A Aleksandra

Watersley R+D Team Aleksandra

Meet Aleksandra Kowalska

20 years old, 3rd year U23 rider from Debsk, Poland, but living at the Watersley Topsport and Talentpark during the season.

Aleksandra, or like people in Poland say ‘Ola’, started cycling just 2,5 years ago after she was a swimmer at a high level throughout her whole youth.

She studies Marketing Management and business at the VIA University College in Horsens, Denmark.

Ola likes to read a new book every week!

For the 2020 season, she lives at the Watersley campus and follows an internship for her study at Watersley. In the past, she road briefly for a Belgian clubteam, and she hopes to gain experience through races and learning from her Dutch teammates.

Ola prefers long and hard races, especially with some cobbles. Her main goal is to represent Poland at the Olympics 1 day.


Nickname: Ola

Favorite snack: salty sticks

Favorite song: Sia – Never give up

Favorite book: one book each week, too hard to choose

Favorite race: Fleche Wallone

What could help women’s cycling to grow?

More attention from the media, and also some strong personalities who are able to promote and inspire young girls.


What do you like most about Limburg?

That it’s super quiet, clean and that you can see a lot of animals.


What makes you happy?

Having good people around me, and the feeling that I’m doing something that can make the world a better place.


What’s on your bucketlist?

Conquer the top of a mountain over 8.000 meters altitude.


Describe yourself in 1 sentence

An ambitious, sensitive, tolerant and little bit weird young woman who will never give up on her way to being happy, and who will always fight for herself


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