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Meet the team; Q&A Ilse

Watersley R+D Team Ilse

Meet Ilse Grit

19 years old, 1st year U23 rider from Zwolle, Overijssel.

Chocolate lover Ilse is a 1st-year student in Medicine at the University of Groningen.

Her love for cycling came early. At the age of 7, she pinned a number on her back for the first time. Raising through the ranks growing up, and being a part of the Dutch National team as a junior.

Ilse has a strong sprint, which she showed everybody last year at the Omloop van Strijen, which is one of the big spring classics for junior girls. Soon after that, she had a hard crash, and a long time concussion ruined most of her 2019 season. Now she is back and ready to mix it up again. In the future, she hopes to be in the finals of the spring classics.

In her spare time, she likes to hang out with friends or watch a movie on Netflix. Together with Eline, she is planning a trip to see the ‘Big Apple’.


Nickname: Gluutje

Favorite band: 5 seconds of summer

Favorite kitchen: Italian

Solo or groupride: Groupride

Started cycling at: 7 years old

Study: Medicine, Groningen

Nicest place on earth you have seen so far?



Trade for a day with?

Kelvin Dekker to be a sports director for a day.


Last thing you did something for the first time?

Cut my little brother’s hair.


Best thing about cycling?

The feeling of being totally empty after a hard training or race.


What is my worst habit?

My bedroom is always a mess.


What’s the most important about being a team?

To be there for each other.


What could help women’s cycling?

Making the big step between juniors and elite smaller by having more U23 races



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