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Meet the team; Q&A Ingrit

Watersley R+D Team Ingrit

Meet Ingrit Verhoeff

19 years old, 2nd year U23 rider from Groot-Ammers, Zuid-Holland.

Ingrit found her love for cycling at their annual family holidays when she was young.

She is from a part of Holland, where cycling is big. Coming from the Jan van Arckel club, where you will find big groups riding every Saturday through the Dutch wind.

Ingrit likes cooking and baking, but her main objective is to help people, and with her study as a physiotherapist, she will be able to do that widely. 

She likes going to different places, and seeing and being in nature makes her happy.

As a sprinter, she already had her fair share of the podium at the Dutch Championships as an U17 rider. Even once with a broken collarbone, which she got from a crash on the dash to the line.

Ingrit has 3 brothers and a sister, so there’s never a dull moment at the Verhoeff mansion.


Nickname: Toos

Favorite snack: Chocolate

Favorite band: Lauren Diagle

Favorite race: Nokere Koerse

Dislike: Injustice

Study: Physiotherapy


What I love most about cycling?

The fact that you can do it pretty much everywhere. If you are on a holiday, or in even in your own area, you will always find places you wouldn’t have seen if it wasn’t for your bike.


What’s the most important about being a team?

Having a good atmosphere and good communication.


Best thing about Limburg is?

The scenery that can change in minutes of time. You can ride through a forest in one moment and the next moment you’re in a valley with a great view of the hills


What do you want to achieve in our society?

To help people with issues and injuries through my profession as a physiotherapist.


Last time you did something for the first time?

Learning how to drive a car


What could help women’s cycling?

An addition of continental teams, like they have in men cycling. To have an extra step between amateurs and pros.


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