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Meet the team; Q&A Manon

Watersley R+D Team Manon

Meet Manon de Boer

24 years old Physiotherapist from Leeuwarden and Dutch national TT champ (elite w/o contract).

Combining her work as a physiotherapist with cycling, Manon is a great inspiration for everyone. In her daytime job, she does what she likes most: helping people!
Our time trial specialist lives in Leeuwarden in the north of The Netherlands with her boyfriend Rick, who is also a semi-professional cyclist for continental team Metec TKH.

Manon comes from a real sports family, especially speed skating and short-track.
Combining her study and short-track skating, she also went to a cycling club with a classmate, and she fell in love with cycling quickly.

Manon is still progressing year after year. In the future, she would love to see more of the world. What makes her happy is riding without leg warmers in the sun. We cannot agree more with that!

Last year she started to focus on her time trial, which resulted in becoming the Dutch Champion TT for elite without contract. Manon has a lot of power, which is her main strength, and she is someone who hasn’t reach her limits yet.

We look forward to what step she will make this year.


Nickname: Manon kanon

Siblings: 3 brothers and 1 sister

Favorite website: Printerest

Favorite band: Guns n Roses

Favorite rider: Kristin Armstrong

What makes you happy?

Riding without legwarmers!


Last time you did something for the first time?

Cut my own hair, since hairdressers are closed at the moment.


What’s the most important for being a team?

To share feelings and thoughts with each other, be there for each other and having fun with each other.


What does women’s cyling needs?

To have a wider range of races and possibilities  within women’s cycling

Best thing about Limburg?

Boscafe ‘t hijgende hert


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