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Meet the team; Q&A Quinty

Watersley R+D Team Quinty

Meet Quinty Schoens

21 years old, 3rd year Professional thriatlete and U23 rider from Stein, Limburg.

The spontaneous and especially dedicated Quinty is one of our region heroes, living in Stein just 10km from the Watersley Sports and Talentpark, and for the R&D Team a dangerous ‘joker’ if we might say.

In the first place, Quinty is focusing on her triathlon career, where she is in the running for a spot on the Dutch Olympic team for the Mixed Team Relay with her boyfriend Marco, and the whole Dutch Triathlon team. Having their home base at Watersley, the Dutch Triathlon team is building towards the Olympics. 

Quinty is in stand by modus for our team. If there is a spot on the team, and she has the time within her triathlon schedule, Quinty puts on her Watersley R&D jersey. 

Also, she wants to develop further as a cyclist, especially in the harder races, where her triathlon background will come out handy.


Nickname: Sjoon

Favorite website: Strava

Favorite band: Queen

Favorite race: Volta Limburg Classic

Favorite rider: Annemiek van Vleuten

What’s the nicest place you’ve been so far?

Arco, near Lake Garda. We’ve been having our annual family holiday there for the last 20 years. It’s an outdoor paradise, including a 50meter swimming pool!


What do you like most about Limburg?

Our unique landscape, our dialect and our mentality. A proud citizen.


Last time you did something for the first time?

I rode on a 50cc crossmotor the end of March on our selfmade mini circuit outside.


Other sports you have done in the past?

I practiced gymnastics since I was 4 until I was 9 on a high level, where I trained more than 20hrs a week. When I was 9 years old, I had a severe back injury from overtraining, and I had to stop doing what I loved. I had some serious withdrawel symptons, because I had to wear a corset for over 2 years and couldn’t move properly.

I started swimming, which was the first sport possible for me to do. I made it to a high level in Holland. Later, I also started running at school. Now, only cycling was missing. When I was 14 years old, started to focus on triathlon. Now am running for the Olympic Team for Tokyo in the Team Relay.


Hardest thing you have ever done?

Last year, my trainer thought it was a good idea to join Annemiek van Vleuten on her course recon for the Amstel Gold Race, where she went full gas on every climb. I’ve never suffered more in my life than on that day, and it taught me to put things in perspective. I’m sure nothing can be harder than it was that day. It was special to see how hard a world class athlete can train.


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