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Watersley Sauna

At Watersley Sports & Talentpark, there is a Clearlight infrared sauna available. With the high far infrared output (emissivity) of the heaters, you not only get the highest quality infrared heat, but you get a lot of it, and right where you want it – your body core. We position the heaters so that they surround your body concentrating the heat on your body core.

Some health benefits of using the infrared sauna are, but are not limited to:

  • Relieving muscle pain
  • Reducement of stress and fatigue
  • Improvement of the immune system
  • Relief of arthritis, joint pain, and stiffness
  • Detoxifying

It is possible to add a sauna treatment to your booking while staying and/or training at Watersley Sports & Talentpark.zq