Sanne returned from the Red Bull Pump Track World Championship last week. She achieved a fantastic result there and put Watersley Sports & Talentpark and Watersley R+D Team on the map. Sanne finished 23rd in her category.

“It was a great experience in Chili!” says Sanne enthusiastically. "Cool to be able to practice my sport on the other side of the world and race with the best riders from all over the world. I met a lot of new people and had a great time on the bike. It was an honor to have experienced this."

Observe, practice, succeed
The training sessions went well for Sanne, especially the first days to get used to the warm weather. The official training sessions started on Wednesday, but it was already possible to visit the bike park earlier. Sanne was able to train well here: “Together with my coach, after observing the other drivers, we quickly realized what would be the fastest line for me on the track and tried to focus on that”.

This is exactly what Sanne did during the race. During the race, she finally had three times the chance to set a time. In two of those rounds, she, unfortunately, wanted to go too fast over the deep rollers which caused her to come loose and start bouncing. In the end, Sanne was fortunate to be able to race one round without errors and thus improve the time and position of the seeding runs, which is why she is very satisfied with the result.

“I noticed that most riders took advantage of the 'manual' (a technique where you only ride on the rear wheel). I have practiced this in the weeks before, but unfortunately, I wasn't able to perform it consistently enough to use it in the race.” Through this observation during the race, Sanne has learned something that she also wants to apply herself: “I will focus on mastering the manual and building up even more conditions. Those are the two most important things to work on for next season.”

After the race in Chile, Sanne found out that, partly thanks to the support of Watersley, top sport wants to go in the right direction. "Next season I want to prepare well for the pump track competitions in 2023 with the support of Watersley. Hopefully, we can achieve great results together."

Finally, Sanne would like to thank Watersley for the commitment they have shown to make her trip to Chile a reality. “Besides all the preparations for the trip to Chile, Watersley made sure that I didn't have to do this alone, but with a coach. I found it very pleasant not to have to face it alone at such a big competition, for the first time. It was very nice to have that support, as someone who is not yet very experienced with traveling and riding big races.”

“Thanks to everyone for following and a big thank you to Watersley and the R+D Team for all the support I've received! I am very much looking forward to the future!” said a satisfied Sanne.