Santa Fe Bike Park in Santiago, Chile, will host the Red Bull UCI Pump Track World Championships World Final on November 19, with the winners getting the official titles of Pump Track World Champions. Sanne Winters, 24, will represent Watersley Sports & Talentpark and the Watersley R+D Offroad Team in Chile.

Watersley Sports & Talentpark is giving Sanne the opportunity to promote the Netherlands and Watersley in South America. "We want to give Sanne a boost in her development and give her the chance to shine at the Red Bull UCI Pump Track World Championships. Which will hopefully help her in her further career on the pump track," said Joop Petit, owner of Watersley Sports & Talent Park.

"I first came into contact with the sport of pump track two and a half years ago. I was only mountain biking at the time. That's where my interest in cycling came from," Sanne says. When she saw that there was a freestyle cycling sport besides mountain biking, a whole new world opened up for her. "I went with a friend to a pump track in Aachen and the rest is history. I was immediately sold and wanted to continue with this sport." She stopped mountain biking and started focusing entirely on riding pump track. "The feeling of adrenaline I get when I ride the pump track and freedom it gives me, I just love that about the sport."

One of the women Sanne looks up to in the pump track world is Kialani Hines. Kialani has already won multiple gold medals at the Pump Track World Championship. Her style of racing and the wins she achieves at every competition is something Sanne looks up to immensely. Sanne herself has now qualified for the World Championship for the first time. During the qualifications of the Red Bull Pump Track World Series in Genk, she won the wildcard. The fastest four in each category get a wildcard to the World Championship. "After two laps I had the second fastest time to go. Because of the bad weather, the finals were canceled, which automatically meant that I got a wildcard," says an overjoyed Sanne.

This is the perfect opportunity for Sanne to show what she has to offer alongside big names in the world of pump track. She, therefore, goes into it with an open mindset and hopes for the best results. "I see this as an experience that no one can take away from me anymore and it will help me further in my career on pump track."

Sanne is currently preparing by getting on her bike and heading to the pump track more and more often. Practice makes perfect. In addition, leading up to the competition, she can frequently be found in the gym where she trains for more endurance and strength.