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The Glow

Innovation meets history

In this characteristic national monument at the foot of Watersley Sports &Talentpark, a unique living and working environment is being developed, while the stately appearance and allure are retained. In the former monastery, with its outbuildings, you can soon stay, live, and work. A tangible connection with the special environment and the historical glory as a meeting place are important pillars for the development of this renewed melting pot of activity. Hotel rooms, a sports clinic, fitness and wellness facilities, a meeting center, and a wide range of workplaces will ensure that this place contributes to a vital life.

An inspiring workplace

The integrated business community concept responds to the needs of its users. We literally and figuratively give entrepreneurs space(s) they need to focus on what matters to them the most. As part of Watersley Sports & Talentpark, the workplaces are ideal for companies that want to establish themselves in a talent, and top sports environment, where we all go for gold. Companies that are looking for an environment with like-minded people in the field of sports, health, well-being, leisure, and recovery are in the right place at The Glow.


The 'Glowing' facilities

Office spaces from 9 to 200 m²

Flexspaces with post address

Sufficient parking facilities

A restaurant

40+ surprising hotel rooms

Flexible lease agreements

Pay per use, only pay for what you use

Suitable apartments for athletes

A wide variety of meeting rooms from 2 to 100+ people

Top-speed internet with the possibility of your own safe internet environment

Don't forget the special atmosphere

Looking for a wokspace?

Better together

There is added value if you actively bring like-minded people into contact with each other. When you bring like-minded people from different fields, levels, and (work)cultures together, fireworks can be expected. We carefully compile our joint network, continuously making visible and less visible connections.

In The Glow, we build our community based on the philosophy of an inclusive society, based on personal preferences, participation, and the power that comes from achieving things together. Not us, but the users decide what will be on the calendar.We are convinced that intrinsic motivation is the key to success.

About the Watersley park

Watersley Sports & Talentpark is an international residential campus where up to 500young talents from home and abroad can stay. The site is part of a rural area directly adjacent to the urban area of Sittard-Geleen. This historically rich area has been in use since the 16th century, according to various sources. The name Watersley says a lot about the unique location;-sley stands for “the gathering place of water”, a valley basin at the foot of the Kollenberg. Watersley House has been a national monument since 1967. After serving as a castle, monastery, and care center, it is now the place where young, ambitious talents find the peace to develop their (sports) skills. Talents can stay at the park individually or in a team. With a vibrant city center within easy reach and a wide choice of educational opportunities, it is the perfect place for all-round talent development. Besides, (top) sports talents can live and work in the vicinity of many sports facilities that the park and this region, including the Sports Zone, has to offer.


Watersley R+D Team Women Training August 2 1600x800

Recap Klimomloop Ulestraten

Last weekend the ladies of the R+D Team finally competed again. To celebrate this one of the girls, Rosalie Van der Wolf, has written a short report about the first races in ages.

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Floor plans

Get in touch

Want to know more about The Glow? Feel free to get in touch with us. We’re always open to discussing your needs, dreams, or opportunities to be part of Watersley Sports & Talentpark.


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Watersley 31, 6132 KA Sittard, The Netherlands

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