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Watersley R+D Team finally competed again

Watersley R+D Team Women Race August 1600x800

Last weekend the ladies of the R+D Team finally competed again. To celebrate this one of the girls, Rosalie Van der Wolf, has written a short report about the first races in ages.

It was time to race! We were very excited to have the possibility to race against our competitors after a long time of no racing. The approach was to make the races hard, to attack and to ride a good sprint with Eline. For Lisa it was a special moment, she rode her first race ever! And she went full gas for it!

In all the races we showed attentively and went on the attack. Mischa who often went for the attack showed her good form. The second race we had a plan to go at the end for a sprint. We all helped Eline to keep her at the front and we kept the pace high. We didn’t won, but we gave each other confidence and showed we want to ride as a real team. Ilse had to abandon the races, because of a broken toe. The last race we went full gas. Mischa attacked again a few times, with big hopes to stay away. When the peloton closed the gap to Mischa’s group. I tried immediately to get away. It was a successful move. I rode solo for 3 laps, when 5 other riders bridged across. We kept doing our turns until the finish. I was completely empty so I took a satisfied fifth place. Before and after every race we had teammeetings so we could discuss with our team the tactics and learning moments. With the experience of the old pro’s Huub Duijn and Christian Kos, we managed to improve ourselves as a team and also as a individual. After the three good days of racing we are very pleased with how everything went.

Rosalie Van der Wolf, Rider Watersley R+D Team


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