Last night, November 21, 2022, it was time: the Limburgs Wielergala 2022. During the Cycling Gala, it will be announced who will go home with the prize "Limburgs Cyclist of 2022". Last year it took place at Watersley Sports & Talentpark, but this year it was Beek's turn to organize this prestigious Wielergala.

The Club24, consisting of former cyclists and cycling celebrities, monitored and analyzed the performances of the Limburg cyclists last cycling season. They have nominated three riders in each category.

In addition to cyclist and female cyclist of the year 2022, there was also the category “Talent of the Future 2022”. Cyclist Wouter Toussaint of our own Gepla-Watersley R+D Road Team was nominated for this. Partly thanks to his victory during the Omloop van de Maasvallei, Wouter came on the radar of De Club24.

After an evening full of excitement and fun, it was finally time for the award ceremony. During the ceremony, Scarlett Souren and Mike Teunissen were elected cyclist of the year. In the category “Cyclist of the Future 2022” Wouter Toussaint won the race.

"I can't say more than that Wouter really deserved this award. A still inexperienced rider, but a true athlete who can show that falling down, getting up again and consistent hard work will eventually lead to great performances and results. Something he has already shown in his still very short, two-year career. Let us remember that he is only just taking his first steps and there is still a lot to gain. No doubt that he will grab every chance he gets to develop even more. That is what has made this journey so far so enjoyable. There are many more great achievements like this to come. I am happy that I, and we as Watersley R+D Cycling Team, can be part of his journey," says Boy Sanders, performance coach of Watersley, about the performance of his Wouter.

The Watersley family is proud of Wouter's victory and that he has been able to develop so well with this as a result.